Iraqi New Medical Journal January 2022  Volume 8 Issue 15

Editorial view of this issue
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Vaccine inequity generates dangerous mutants and prolongs COVID-19 pandemic. “No one is safe until everyone is safe.”
Sanad Al-Balaghi
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Kidney and the Contrast Media; Risks and the Possible Alternatives
Ala Ali
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COVID-19 VACCINES. Adverse Events Following Immunization. Surveillance Report. December 2021: A Year of Vaccinovigilance
Ban Abdulameer AL-Shimran, Manal M. Younus, Abdul Razzaq Ali Qaragholi
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Risk evaluation for COVID-19 in Arba’eenia mass gathering in Iraq 2021 using WHO assessment tool for mass gathering risk
Safaa  Ali, Riyadh  Alhilfi, Yasir  Majeed, Ali Mohammed, Raghad  Jassim, Sumayah Hussein, Massar Mohsin, Ali  Hameed, Haneen Ghanim
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Peripheral Angiography with Carbon Dioxide for Iraqi Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease: A Single Centre Study
Ahmed M. Khamas, Sabah N. Jabir, Abdulameer Mohsin Hussein, Ala Sh. Ali
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ABO and Rhesus blood groups in blood donors: A study from Mosul Central Blood Bank at Nineveh, Iraq
Rana Nidam Al-Nuri
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Knowledge, attitude, and practice toward COVID-19 Outbreak: A Population-Based Survey on employees of the Ministry of Health
Raghad Ezzat Abdul Razaq, Muntadar Saad Jabir
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Effect of an instructional program upon school teachers’ ability to psychological support to their students: a sample from Baghdad
Sahar Al-Shatari, Rasha Fathalla, Hassan Al Kazzaz, Emad Sabah, Ahmed
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COVID-19 Update in Iraq
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Primary tuberculosis of the sternum; a rare presentation of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis
Mohammad Yahya Abdulrazaq, Rasha Thameen Fakhri
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COVID-19 in a patient with active pulmonary tuberculosis: Comorbid disease
Basim W. Abualol, Hussain S. Eddan, and Ali R. Mohammed
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IMAGING IN CLINICAL PRACTICE: Radiological signs of lung collapse
Ashraf Abdul-Jabbar Abdul-Abbass
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