Iraqi New Medical Journal July 2023; Volume 9 Issue 18

Editorial view of this issue

iKARE: an innovative framework to reduce prescribing errors.
Sarmad Nadeem, Adeola Akinola, Sarah Harris, and Jenna Hafidh
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Continuous professional development (CPD): What, How, and When to incorporate into clinical practice? Reflections from the United Kingdom.
Omar G. Mustafa
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The effects of natural collagen cross-linking agent “Proanthocyanidin” on the flexure strength of the radicular dentin
Hamid Kasim, Abdulla M.W. Al-Shamma
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Obesity among adolescents in secondary schools in Al-Karkh Baghdad, Iraq 2021.
Thamer Ali Al-Noori, Thuraya N. Maher, Karim Abdulkadim Muftin Alzadawi, Jawad K. Al-Diwan
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Aggressive behaviour among students in secondary schools in Baghdad.
Muntathar Sa’ad Jaber, May Abdullah Mohammed, Sarmad Basim Salman
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Patterns of prescribing antibiotics in primary healthcare centres in Baghdad.
Siham Kadhim Salman, Yousif Abdul-Raheem, Besmah Muhamed Ali
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Vitamin E level in epileptic patients attending Neuroscience Hospital in Baghdad
Ahmed Tahseen Muslim, Wisam Husain Altememi, Eman Shaker Al-Obeidy, Basman Qasim Shareef
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The predicted ability of the Modified Checklist (M-CHAT-R/F) to screen children for autism spectrum disorder: a sample from Iraq.
Khamees Hussein Alsaad
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Nasal airway patency after endoscopic middle turbinate trimming versus partial lateral middle turbinectomy in treating Concha Bullosa; a comparative non-randomised study.
Ahmed Salah Ahmed, Riyadh Sagban Abdul-Aziz, Mustafa Salman Hamed
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Tuberculosis vulgaris. 
Hiba Adnan Hammed, Mohammad Yahya Abdulrazaq, Abbas Farhood Hussein             
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