Iraqi New Medical Journal, January 2024; volume 9 issue 19


The ambiguity of psychedelics use among Iraqi medical students
Ahmed Al-Imam, Manal Younus, Michal Michalak
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Insomnia: Causes and Management.
Sarmad Nadeem
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The Relationship between Obesity and Depression among Adolescents in Al-Karkh Secondary Schools in Baghdad, Iraq 2021
Thamer Ali Al-Noori , Karim Abdulkadim Muftin Alzadawi , Besmah M. Ali
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Pharmacists’ attitudes and practice about using communication skills question on dispensing treatment in the private sector in Baghdad.
Maysaloon Ismail khaleel, Raghad Ezzat Abdul Razaq, Muntadar Saad Jabir, Linh Shamil Mahmood
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Body Mass Index as a risk factor for early menarche: A case-control Study.
Mays Faleh Al-Bayati, Majid Waleed Abdul-Hameed, Yousif Abdul-Raheem
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Overweight/obesity and its association with physical activity among intermediate school students in Baghdad- Al-Karkh.
Hussein Ali Naji, Waleed Arif Tawfeeq Al-Ani, Besma Mohamad Ali
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Prevalence of drug-related problems or abuse among physicians and pharmacists working at Al-Karkh and Medical City Directorates based on DAST-20
Muntather Sa’ad Jaber, May Abdullah Mohammed, Luma Tareq Mohammed
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Medical staff’s knowledge, practice and attitude about proton pump inhibitors at Al-Nu’man General Hospital in Baghdad, Iraq.
Ruqaya Khaleel Muhammed
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Evaluating indications and findings of colonoscopy in the Gastroenterology and Hepatology Teaching Hospital in Baghdad.
Suhair Aboud Essa, Hiba D. Al-Ameri, Farah L. R. Al-Rufaee, Hayder J. Mahmood
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Sociodemographic association between attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorders.
Khamees Hussein Alsaad
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In an endemic country with tuberculosis, don’t miss nontuberculous mycobacteria. 
Mohammad Yahya Abdulrazaq, Hiba Adnan Hameed, Nadia Abdulkareem Al Ani
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