Iraqi New Medical Journal January 2023; Volume 9 Issue 17

Editorial view of this issue


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and end-organ damage: A need for low disease activity and less steroid use
Ihsan Al Shamma
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Acceptance and attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccine among the general public in Iraq
Ahmed Khairi Mishari, Muntadar Saad Jaber
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Effect of comorbidities on patients with severity of coronavirus disease 2019
Haider Noori Dawood
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B-cell Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in children, demographic distribution and clinical presentation: An experience from CCTH in Baghdad
Shahad Ali Ahmed Al-Baldawi, Rabab Jabbar Zaboon Al-Rubaye, Zead I. Ibrahim
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Awareness and management of modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease among Iraqis aged 30-60 years
Sarmad Basim Salman, Mazin Ghazi Al-Rubaey, Besmah Mohammed Ali
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Sensorineural hearing loss in chronic suppurative otitis media
Riyadh Sagban Abdul-Aziz, Ahmed Salah Ahmed, Ali Abbas Ali
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Dentists’ Satisfaction About COVID-19 Crisis Management in Their Institution, Iraq, World Health Organization, 2021
Sahar A Esa Al Shatari, Zinah. M. Hasan, Mariam Faiz, Yahiya B H Al- Juboori
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COVID-19 Update in Iraq
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Tongue tuberculosis, a rare extrapulmonary tuberculosis
Mohammad Yahya Abdulrazaq, Hiba Adnan Hammed
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Incidental aortic metastasis from papillary thyroid adenocarcinoma: a case report from Medical-Legal Directorate (MLD) in Iraq
Safana Akram Al-Qadhi, Zahraa Majid AL-Hassun
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